ISEFAD - Hands of God
or the hands of God, which come for the good cause of the underpriviledged child and woman

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The protection of the rights of children and women in all forms, to encourage an adapted legislation, to educate the societies to know their rights and responsibilities. Our organisation considers that the results of research on the ground can improve the identification and the execution as well as the success of the projects of development.

ISEFAD works for:
A true animation in rural and urban medium; a durable local development which implies the men and the women; a better social protection of the children and women; improvement of the conditions of health of the children, the women and their family. Prevention of the diseases sexually transmissible included/understood the VIH/SIDA; the promotion of the relationship between the women and the environment (like their role in the natural stock management).
Promotion of health like an important factor of development
Promotion of the individual and family wellbeing in a society balanced and right.
Bringing the assistance and solidarity to the patients (activities in relation to health), because the health of the child and the woman is of primary importance.
Creation of one humane center to accommodate women rejected at the time of a divorce or mothers coming from the close cities whose children are hospitalized, legal assistance in the event of divorce of women, Creation of cooperatives and initiation with data processing.
Workshops of formation on the prevention of the diseases and general hygiene.
Cleanse of the environment.
Help with the victims of wars and other insecurities.
General protection of children.
Formation and information.
Promotion of humane solidarity.

ISEFAD was created to contribute to the improvement of living conditions of children and women. Its action is mainly directed towards the weakest categories and must allow the reinstallation of the people moved under the effect of the sedentary situation.
The center ensures an assumption of responsibility total (lodging, restoration, medical care, vocational training, elimination of illiteracy, schooling of the children. a center of listening legal and psychological framed by a personnel qualified and specialized (lawyers, psychologists, doctors) which helps the women in difficulty remotely.
The education of the young people and adults; organization of educational workshops on the reproductive system and the physical and mental health of the woman.

In this framework, ISEFAD plays an important humane part by collecting and providing to the most stripped populations important gifts (school stationery, drugs, food aid, etc). To propose alternative and social solutions and to take part in the movement of world solidarity for a right and equitable development. To intensify actions of popularization and sensitizing in the fields of health, agriculture, education, the environment; to sensitize on the improvement of its living and working conditions; to fight against poverty (development of generating projects of incomes) and the analphabétisation; to encourage the schooling of the children; to facilitate the insertion of the woman in social fabric.
Formation of the culture; management training of associations and the teachers; the sensitizing and the information of the populations as well as the public opinion; development of the teaching equipment; the realization of investigations and analyses on illiteracy; help them can public re-examine the national policies of elimination of illiteracy. To defend women's rights; to inform women of their rights; to work for the improvement of the personal statute; environment; sports activities; education for health;
Participation in the activities related to the development of the community; education of the adults; promotion of voluntaries like source of social cohesion and reduction of the conflicts.
General protection of the children;
Formation and information;
Promotion of national solidarity;
To defend women's rights;
To inform women of their rights; to work for the improvement of the personal statute
To analyze the problems of equality of the sexes
Solidarity towards the stripped women and without resources;
Education, training and employment with the creation of co-operatives, small and medium-sized companies; development,
Promotion of the rights of the children and the women
Seminar of formation on the rights of the child and the woman to help them to include/understand their rights
Education, the development, culture for peace and the democracy
To support the development of various forms of traditional know-how in rural medium; to integrate the women in the economic process while passing of an activity of survival into a remunerative activity; to support the economic integration of the young people; to sensitize the population with the concept of kind.