ISEFAD - Hands of God
or the hands of God, which come for the good cause of the underpriviledged child and woman

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Our mission is to allow the best development of the children, the protection of the woman and the development of their actions:

Care with children and women in difficulties
Assistance for handicapped people
Elimination of illiteracy
Teaching of children and women
Creation of capacities
Development of entrepreneurship
Analyse problems of equality of sexes
Family planning
Resolution of family conflicts
Legal problems
Eradication of poverty
Durable community development.

ISEFAD puts children and woman in the middle of truths stakes of development.
We act to answer, at present, to the distress of the most stripped children and women: Children and women of poor families of the urban environments like rural areas, children and women of the streets, handicapped children, desocialised orphan children, children and women who were maltreated. We bait ourselves so that they can profit from equitable conditions, to open up in so much as individuals. We base our hope on these children and women for a better future of the society.

Indeed, ISEFAD is convinced that each child carries in him all the potentialities to affirm himself in the future like a positive actor of the society, and recognises that any maltreated or stripped woman, is an evil caused in the heart of a child (future person in charge for the society). To thus make these two human beings (physically already too weak) suffer, is like making an attack on the construction of the pillars of the future.

This, for saying that: poverty, precariousness, disease, discrimination, social misery and other situations of injustice have in particular catastrophic consequences on the children and the women. They are found too often excluded from the school or society, left in lack of care, psychological assistance, even of love.
Their good development intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, and physically, can easily be threatened. In the particular case of children, our objective is to give the support necessary to them, so that it surmounts these obstacles and reveals their competences.

The child must have the possibility of achieving himself as “oneself”, to become a conscious and free adult. In the current society, with mixed and animated confused actions, it appears increasingly essential to us today to make it possible for each one to acquire a full capacity of reflexion and positive action.