ISEFAD - Hands of God
or the hands of God, which come for the good cause of the underpriviledged child and woman

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How to improve life conditions for children and women who are disadvantaged, or in distress?
What is necessary to implement, so that these children have all the chances of becoming happy and responsible adults?
What is necessary to implement, so that women have joy in their life, so that they can give themselves in the best way to the community which awaits many of them?
How to bring more and more assistance or help to children and women, so that they can find the resources necessary for their living?
How to change the society, to develop children and women in these times, our time?
In response to these challenges, NGO ISEFAD places itself where the neglected are, to allow children to become actors of their own future and to give opportunities to women in distress to be independent from bad bonds with others who discard them.