ISEFAD - Hands of God
or the hands of God, which come for the good cause of the underpriviledged child and woman

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To take account of the context, the environment of the child and the woman

The global solution for the needs of the poor children and the poor woman, adopted and defended by ISEFAD, is already perceptible.
The principles defended by the responsibility for our rescue squads and the autonomy of the society, are always of primary importance. It is the realisation of this autonomy which will allow the child, become adult, to be integrated in the society by making its own choices and by assuming its responsibilities. As for the woman, it’s the material, moral support and the total affection which will give the opportunity to her, to take part in the good blooming of family, community or social structure.

On the ground, the teams of "help-children" and "help-women" give to the people in distress or underprivileged, a considerable support of proximity: Because they work together with authorities or family members of the injured people.

In general, the situation of all the children and all the remarkably poor women of the localities can only improve. Each day we capitalise our knowledge of the contexts and our expertise on the development of the child and the evolution of the living conditions of the woman.

By reinforcing the local capacities by various means, we help the inhabitants to implement beneficial projects for their children and women, and therefore for the future of the society. We work thus for a durable development of the localities where we intervene.
The nature of childhood, such as we know it, obliges us to pay a special attention to the situation.

ISEFAD finds that childhood is individual and spiritual: it is specific to each person. It is not solely decided by the age or biological and psychological factors. Childhood is a construction of the people around the child and the culture. It evolves/moves according to circumstances' in its history. I.e. of an education with another, it is possible to concern many variations in the important precept which prevails for the child. Some stress the co-operation whereas others develop the competition. The autonomous behavior of the child can be interpreted in a positive way whereas others perceive it like disrespectful. The child does not only develop on a deserted island; it is on the contrary in fastener perpetual with Universe which surrounds it: other children, its parents, his community, the school, institutions. Thus, to support the development of the child, and to meet his needs in all their complexity, ISEFAD does not act only towards the child himself. We adopt a global solution which takes into account the context and the environment in which it is located.
In each situation where ISEFAD intervenes, we Endeavour to consider the many factors which exploit the evolution of the child, the construction of its personality, as well as the blooming of the woman.

1. Direct assistance with the child. It is the case of sponsorship, of the financing of nutrition but also for example of the projects in psychological accompaniment.
2. Assistance of the child by means of the support for his family. It can be done by having in our step of work the will to recognize and develop the resources and the forces of the families. Too much often considered under the only angle of their difficulties or their problems, the families are also sources and carrying solutions.
3. Assistance with the woman. We bring the assistance necessary to her for the improvement of her living condition.


Contrary to projects worked out by certain foreign organisations starting from done everything solutions and which would in the short or the long term prove to be inappropriate, the mode of direct contact ensures to the ISEFAD to remain closest to the real needs. It thus produces durable progress for the children and the women who from now on are assisted directly and seriously on the spot.  It should be understood that the organization ISEFAD integrates perfectly the families and the company to give the adequate solutions to the various problems arising.


In order to really be able to improve the living conditions of the children and the disadvantaged women, ISEFAD imperatively symbolises the respect of the differences and non-discrimination, the approach detailed of the situations and the attention with the environment of the child or the woman in extreme suffering.
We think that to collaborate with the parents, friends and knowledge of the underprivileged people that we meet on the spot, is the best means of obtaining progress for these very unhappy children and these women whom we meet. This is why, organized in rescue squads for children or women, we go towards the two types of victims of the population which interest us here; without forgetting to reassure them that our doors (very close to them) are open 24h/7d.

In each locality, we work in the duration and take care that the results are acquired truly. In the long term, our objective is that the societies do not anymore need to treat the children and the women
like useless people or to neglect them.

The majority of the inhabitants of the low-district does not have access to education and are illiterate. ISEFAD works without waiting, to open a small school. The other major concern in the community is health. The sanitary arrangements are very deplorable, tetanus, malaria and other diseases kill many children easily. Attentive with the families, ISEFAD starts to sensitise children and women with rules of elementary hygiene.