ISEFAD - Hands of God
or the hands of God, which come for the good cause of the underpriviledged child and woman

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Home ISEFAD (or the Hand of God) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) specialised in development of children and the protection of woman. ISEFAD is independent, non-racial and non-political, it is open to all.

ISEFAD is non-racial means: Each human being has personal values, in which no other has the right to enter: this is in its religious, cultural and political convictions. Our organisation wants to be able to deal with people in difficulties, whatever their origin and their religion.

ISEFAD is decided to bring a formal framework to its action. It knows that it is a requirement to achieve its goals in favor of children and women, to find resources, to extend its action and to allow the participation of qualified people.


ISEFAD is a non-profit making charitable organisation, whose intention is particularly to facilitate the care and the division of the assistance to children and women in need, who suffer in situations from the crisis in Ivory Coast and everywhere in Africa. Indeed, based on serious collaborations with authorities and reliable persons in charge, our organisation chooses an effective concept, which desires satisfaction with all, because ISEFAD and its principles allow absolutely the reintegration of the children and the women excluded from society.
ISEFAD is initially equipped with rescue squads for children, and later others, called "help-women". They are two main categories of rescue squads, which have the role of immediate prevention and treatment of situations, where children and women are victims of physical ill-treatment, psychological suffering, sexual and institutional ill-treatment or of social negligence.