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“Wheelchair production”
- Initial assessment and planning including the mapping of local resources, ensuring local anchoring, assessment of local needs and local adaption of the wheelchair production concept.
- Establishing a local rehabilitation workshop infra structure
- Capacity building and training of local personal on wheelchair production
- Ensuring availability of assistive devices (wheel chairs, walking aids, hearing aids etc.)Suited to local technologies and economic condition.
- Establishing organizational infrastructure for a services delivery system providing assistive devices, rehabilitation services and counseling services,

The FHODA concept of providing assistive device and rehabilitation process and needs to be an integrated part of the rehabilitation policy. The introduction of the wheelchair production workshop concept is an important contribution to the continuous activity of increasing the level of independent for people with disability and to ensure their activity participating in the society, the activity will be carried out

Wheelchair production workshop infrastructure
The rehabilitation workshop can be established in either an existing or a newly constructed building on a decentralized system favoring supply and maintaining of mobility devices as near the consumer as practical possible. The workshop will be the base for the provision of assistive devices and associated services, the training of local personal and the launching of local awareness.
The workshop will be equipped with the appropriate tools, machines and devices in order to perform services according to the local needs,

The main services provided are:
- The provision of assistive devices
- The repair and maintenance, adjustment and adaption of assistive devices
- Local manufacturing and assembly of selected assistive devices (wheelchairs, tricycles etc)

“The aim of the wheelchair production workshop is to produce wheelchairs, tricycles which are durable and user friendly under the following headings
- Fitting (taking proper measurement of the user )
- Environmental & adaptations
- Continuous maintenance ”

Capacity building
It is centered on encouraging people with disability to participate in the society. The main targets are organization of disabled people, professionals in the field of rehabilitation and disabled peoples in general.

Capacity building activities concentrated on:
Raising of awareness on disability issues
Providing knowledge about assistive devices and rehabilitation services
Training and developing human resources

Employment and training
Creating jobs and independent living for people with disabilities are among the main activities. Local personal are training according to the principle of adapting assistive devices to the person with a disability, not adopting the person with a disability to the assistive device.

The basic training activities consists of
- Technical know-how and skills
- Adaptation and practical use
- The principle of service delivery

Every person with disability in Ethiopia in need of a wheel chair will be provided one of appropriate design and of good quality” with the cooperation of generous hands all over the world…