Kotebe College of Teacher Education
1959 - 2007

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Departments / Streams

Natural Sciences
Social Sciences
Aesthetics & Physical Education

Departments / Streams

The programme run by the college relates to the major thrust areas of the new Teacher Education System Overhaul (TESO) programme. These are:

  • Degree Programme
    • Health and Physical Education
  • Diploma  Progrmme
    • Aesthetics and Physical Education (Aesthetics and Physical Education
    • Languages(Amharic and English)
    • Mathematical Physics (Mathematics and Physics)
    • Natural Science (Biology and Chemistry)
    • Social Science (History, Geography, and Civics and Ethical Education)
  • Certificate
    • Primary and pre-school levels
  • Principalship and Supervision

In line with the new Teacher Education System Overhaul (TESO) initiatives, the courses offered in all programmes seek to integrate knowledge of subject disciplines with relevant pedagogical understanding and theory with practice. Modular teaching materials have been prepared for courses, and an approach which can promote active learning by the students has been promoted.

Continuous Assessment
Performance of the student is assessed continuously through a scheme of Continuous Assessment that includes classroom participation, assignments, project work, tests and end-of-semester examinations.

This is an innovative programme which has recently been introduced in all teacher education institutions of Ethiopia.
In order to provide the trainees with better opportunities to learn about schools and how they function, trainees are given more time and opportunity to stay in schools. Practicum is organized in selected partner schools in Addis Ababa. The practicum includes observation of classroom teaching, observation of the school environments, conducting small scale research works, understanding the school communities, planning and conducting teaching etc.


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