Future Hope on Disability





Currently, we are working on capacity building of people with disability and rising awareness on disability related issues, but the ultimate goal of the organization is to build the first and modern wheelchair production workshop in Ethiopia.

The major problems that affect disabled people are the inability to afford a mobility aid and the lack of available jobs. FHODA has the objective to address both issues by providing the mobility aid and identifying small business opportunities that can be run from the back of a wheelchair or tricycle,

The current Wheelchair distribution in Ethiopia is only based on donated wheelchairs. In most cases those imported wheelchairs have many defects, and repairing those imported wheelchairs is very difficult as spare parts are not available, to reduce this problem, FHODA has the objective to build workshop locally for production, Assembly, and repair of wheelchairs.

Considering many problems for disabled people in Ethiopia, FHODA aims to empower people with disabilities, socially and economically, through the provision of mobility aids. This will be done by building workshops to maintain and produce mobility devices locally.

Every person with disability in Ethiopia in need of a wheel chair will be provided one of appropriate design and of good quality” with the cooperation of generous hands all over the world…