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The Ethiopian University Support Group (EUSG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of higher education in Ethiopia.

A group of concerned Ethiopians living in different parts of the world, dedicated to organize themselves in order to make a positive contribution to their home country's development. The founders of EUSG are convinced that education is the only way Ethiopia can extract itself from poverty and backwardness, and that higher education has an instrumental role in this endeavour.

A huge number of universities and other higher institutions are being built in Ethiopia. The dilemma is, the increasing student enrolment rate does not match the highly needed necessary educational material and facilities.

The main aim of EUSG is to alleviate this discrepancy through the collection, shipment and distribution of educational materials like computers, textbooks, laboratory supply and equipment obtained from the industrialized parts of the world.

The organization will actively operate abroad in the respective host countries of its members through the establishment of branch offices. Currently there are individual representatives in Israel, UK, Germany, Sweden and Norway.


Education is the highest value we can give