Irregular life, illegal life?

Rights should be given to all people to use the natural resources of their country, and rights to choose or keep their way of life with their values.

Why can big companies buy rights to destroy the environment, and with that the resources of life of all others, just for the profit of a few rich whose way of life has no future? While the simple people will be put in prison, or will be shot if they try to use the natural resources of their country to live?


Why are all the rights of using the natural resources sold out to big international companies? They take away the local peoples land, destroy their forest, their livelihood and steel them their resources of life. The locals (the simple people) never had a chance to decide if they want to sell out their future, and they are not part of what the government looks at, when they judge development or prosperity of their country. All just for the profit of a few rich in the government and other countries.

To stop mining altogether is not an option, as long as the developed nations don't stop their greed for raw materials. But to allow the local people to use their own resources in their land through small scale mining, would destroy much less forests, would give the people an option to protect their livelihood, and would make it possible to develop the local community to reach a better life in their traditional way, with their values and their culture. Each way of life should be valued the same, even if it does not feed into the profit making of the rich minority.

But instead the ways of life which do not make people become slaves of money, are made more and more illegal, and the local people who want to use their rights on their land are criminalized, displaced, put in prison, and even shot. This is a regularly used method by the big companies with support of governments in most developing countries. And if the government does not support this destructive business, which makes local development impossible, then the developed nations will support rebels, who overthrow the government, all in the name of “development” of a few rich, who are investing in exploitation of the simple people who do not know greed...


Below are a few videos from an tin mining island, where you can see how social and content with life the simple people in the small scale mining live. But all that is declared illegal, and the police uses this opportunity to make lots of money, by regularly arresting and punishing all the people working here. Many of them spent already 6 or 9 months in prison because of working here.

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Why do people in power want to eradicate the simple way of life?