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Mali, Mopti, 2007
Mopti is now the only town in Mali which has the original way of life on the streets, because the town can not expand itself. All parts of life are happening openly like in one family on the street. But now many motorbikes are driving around, specially in the evenings when everybody is zooming around to visit all his friends. Most homes have still no electricity and no water. The religious beggars are not any more from people of Mopti, who want to educate their children spiritually, but collected by the Marabou's in villages around Mopti. The culture in Mali still is, that every person serves the other ones who are older, and any older person educates any younger person on the street. The living costs are very high, even though the living standard did not change from the past, but all goods are imported from outside of Africa. Only locally made food is cheap, and there are women at many street corners every evening to cook for others. People are still living in houses made of clay, and everybody sleeps on the roof because it is too hot inside.


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