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Mali, Dogon Villages

Mali, Telem houses, 1993
The Telem were very small people (Pygme) living from hunting animals. They were living in a 200m high and 200km long cliff, which divides their area in a high and a low area. That time there was rainforest with wild animals, therefore their houses were build in the cliff and can still be seen there, and also their burial places were in gaps of the cliff. The Telem had small Kingdoms, where all people had unimaginable magic abilities, where they communicated with spirits and commanded them. Later the Telem left the area because of the disappearing rainforest, or mixed with Dogon people.

Mali, Dogon area, 1993
The Dogon came long ago from the west to the Telem area, when the Muslim religion came to Mali, because they refused to become Muslim. The Dogon were farmers and cut all the trees to plant millet, and they learned the magic from the Telem. This time the magic was still practised by old people, but got completely forgotten later on. Now the Dogon have Muslim, Christian and traditional practice in every village. The Dogon have a quite different culture to the other tribes in Mali, they have their art of sculpture, cloth making, music and dance with big masks for special festivals. They are also the only tribe making alcohol in Mali, which is usually drunken on the market by the oldest people.


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