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Ethiopia, Lasta, Mountains 3800m

Ethiopia, Lasta, small market, 2007
The market of the high plateau is on a hill far from any village, here one can buy only locally produced things, except since recently also sugar. The hyena people are selling their pots here, and the most important part is the animal area. Near the market is a hut with the only machine to grain the crops (similar to barley) that is grown here, from which people make the hard bread, which they eat with some sauce, chilli or nothing else.

Ethiopia, Lasta, 2007
The high plateau had the first family living up in this highland, in a time when the lower land and highland was still covered in forest. Here still lives the grandson, of the first person coming here. There were many catastrophes in the past, during which nearly all people died. There are also many mysteries around, with unbelievable stories from this area, combined with bible stories. In general, these people love very much to tell stories and believe them all, this is making their life more interesting. During their religious festival, the relatives meet in changing homes, and after a serious formal discussion about problems which they have, they dance and sing until late into the night.

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