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Ethiopia, Lasta 2500m

Ethiopia, Lasta, highland village, 2006
This is a typical village in the Christian highland, where it is very dry for most of the year, but becomes very green in the raining season. People here are growing a special tiny crop called teff, which is hardly giving any nutrition, and they are ruled by the church culture which has many holidays, so many that they have not many days left to work on the field. Development is very difficult and slow because of the old church culture which was created by a king 500 years ago (Christianity since about 1800 years). Even though it's a Christian culture, they have many magicians who can make people suffer or die.

Ethiopia, Lalibela, 2006
Lalibela is a small town, beside a complex church and monastery mysterium which is underground inside the rock. It was created by a king that lived here about 800 years ago. The town itself was created very recently, before that, this area was deserted, because it became too dry. The market of the town is once a week, and people from as far as one can walk in one day are coming to sell their animals, or buy things. There is an area for every different product, and when it is busy, the customers will not find any place to put their foot between the goods on the floor and the sitting sellers. There are still quite a few old people in this area who don't know how to tell the value of money.


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