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Understanding Development again

Probably the whole concept of what development aid is, must be changed, all the projects where something like a building is beeing put somewhere changes nothing, it is only good for presentation in a brochure, or for the opening ceremony in the media, it is image, but not development, it changes nothing.

Things that change something, are local initiatives by the local people, and small loans organised in groups, so that they also help and advice each other within the group. Also practical instructions (not theory), with participation at all organizing levels like village, government and in education, so that ownership emerges.

What we can give beside that is education, but only locally, to ensure that the country does not loose the educated ones, particularly medical education, even in local traditional methods. We really do not need (except in emergencies) to give material help, which comes always with a negative influence on development, because development is ability. The physical products are coming in the future through the big companies that come to Africa. Giving things for free does not work, because the local rulers (businessmen with money) always do the distribution within the country, and are taking money from the people, they will have to buy rather than receive.

Development means that the people change, and then their environment through them. So only things make sense, which make people change. In some difficult cases, where culture does not permit any change, particularly in thinking, it may be necessary living with them for many years, to give them a different way of thinking, living a different way in front of them, so that instead over thinking it goes through the direct emotional (impact) experience.

Development assistance is now increasingly a global task and responsibility, it's not just for poor people, but the whole earth (mankind) is benefiting from it, if there are no poor people (because of exclusion) any more, and if there are no irresponsible people there. Because peace is only possible, if all participate in development, the participation of everybody is important, to be part of it, and that brings also diversity of all the development possibilities, because we can not know where development goes to, there is no end to it, and therefore there is also no definition for development.


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